Due to Covid 19, Dimension 2020 has been a special affair compared to previous graduations at SG. Namely, the graduating students had graduations in ‘roll’ from class to class.

Along the way, the two special awards have been awarded to selected students from the school.

While Maja Axelina Lynge Olsson from 3.u. received the “Apollo Prize” for extraordinary creative efforts at the school, then Louise Beenfeldt Christensen from 2nd received the prestigious Friendship Award from the Lions Club.

Along the way, the graduates received a warm greeting from Mayor Niels Hörup, musical performance from Jonas Eilskov and Peter Fischer, and of course the speeches of the principal, pupils and this year and the teachers.
The mayor’s speech can be experienced here, and below is seen the rector Bjarne Tham’s full length speech:

Dimension Speech – Sun Red Gymnasium on June 26, 2020

Bjarne Thams, Rector

Dear fellows, dear fellows, dear students.

After a school year and exam time that was completely different from what we had imagined, we are now at the end of your education, your last day on SG – your graduation day.

This year classy and more intimate. And so can anything. It’s not always the big and flashy thing that is best. The close, the close, everything that goes on in the small, it can do anything. This has taught us in recent months – a small insignificant virus can have pervasive importance, also positive meaning, we move closer together – albeit at a distance.


Student Quotes:

“The best thing about SG has been the opportunity to be involved in various committees, events and professional development, which has given me a feeling of having left my mark at school”


“My best experience has been, the theater performance, it got me closer to some people that I didn’t know – and also got to push my limits, along with some others.”

“The best has been my class – both in the basic course and in the field of study! In general, all 3 years have been the best experience ever. The teachers are the best I have ever had ”

“Thanks for some great years”

“I would probably turn up the heat, which often gets SO cold at school, especially during the winter season.”

Like all other students before you, you have so much to look back on and remember. Today we mark that you have reached a place in life that is something very special. I hope SG has made clear traces with you, tracks that help you find a good direction for your future.

We at SG will remember you as unique. The 2020 students who did it so well, not only professionally but especially your way of dealing with a difficult situation. We are full of admiration for you. Your serious way of dealing with being away from each other and the school and teachers for a long time, and being taught virtually.

You have performed beyond the ordinary. You have shown the whole world that you are not afraid of challenges. You can look back in recent months and say, “We did it”!

Solrød Gymnasium and all the staff at SG are proud of today to graduate and send you exactly from SG to the world.

And you did well. Stx’s, you have hit the record level from 2018 and finish with an average of 7.6. Hfere, you have hit an average there, so far as I can look back, has never been higher. Last year, the hf average took a tiger jump and with you it has done it again. Your average was 7.3.

Dear students, good luck with a successful exam!


The coolest vintage

You are the coolest vintage that ever went to Solrød Gymnasium. No one before you has experienced having to give up 100% physical education for a long period of time. Yet today you are fully prepared as a student in the year 2020. You were banished to the room at home with virtual teaching synchronously and asynchronously and with lots of assignments and presentations to be answered in writing. What a mouthful, what a challenge, what a leg up. But here I sit with a hat and a bit of diplomas in hand – proof that you are not in a hurry to change yourselves and be part of learning processes, even if it is on completely different terms than the ones you have become bottled up with. Well done SG’s so far vintage.

You’ve learned one important thing: When a major disturbance hits like a lightning bolt at night, it can turn into something positive. You and we were shaken in our foundation in relation to all that we care and have in the habit. You have learned how to deal with major disruptions and losing a foothold on the foundation that seemed so secure. You have gained an experience of finding a way when the “world” just doesn’t look like itself and the future is not as predictable as we thought.

It is perhaps the most important learning in your last months as students at SG, and an important lesson, just as you are on the threshold of further education, career and an unpredictable job market. Politicians and officials have frequently used the phrase “to look into”. It is not easy to see what the future requires of you. You have to have education and jobs of course, but maybe it’s education and jobs that haven’t been invented yet. The future is currently undergoing rapid change. One looks into the uncertain and at the same time a cornucopia of exciting possibilities. You will be required a new standard in relation to readiness for ever-changing requirements and expectations. You have shown that you can master.

In this process, your personal values ​​become so important. We need values ​​- an inner compass – to steer on in changing times.


Kindness, will and citizenship

At SG, we have tried to embody the values ​​of kindness, will and citizenship. It is SG’s compass and we will not change that for the time being. Take them with you as part of your personal value compass. The world you meet best with kindness, will and citizenship.

Der er undersøgelser der tyder på, at vi som danskere scorer meget lavt på venlighed og at Danmark er et af de steder i verden, hvor det er sværest at knytte venskaber. Venlighed er at behandle andre som om de var ens bedste venner. Nogen har defineret venlighed som ”kærlighed gjort synlig”. Venlighed kan gøre underværker, og er samtidig ualmindelig nem at udvise: et smil eller en hjælpende hånd. Du ved hvad det handler om, når du sidder i en kø på motorvejen og to baner skal flette til én. Du ved hvad det handler om, når du handler i Netto og alle andre har valgt at gøre det på samme tid.

Ikke mindst i de seneste måneder er vores evne til at vise venlighed blevet sat på prøve. På den store klinge er det blevet kaldt samfundssind, på den lille klinge har det fået navn af håndsprit, afstand og hosten i ærmet.

I år har vi fejret to skelsættende begivenheder. Sønderjyllands genforening med Danmark for 100 år siden og afslutningen på 2. verdenskrig for 75 år siden. Genforeningen og den lykkelige afslutning på 2. verdenskrig blev båret af mange menneskers gode vilje og evne til medborgerskab. Mennesker som dengang havde deres indre kompas så meget på plads, at de også gerne gav deres liv for det, som de havde kært. Deres indsats nyder vi stadig godt af i dag.

Jeg er sønderjyde. Derfor betyder genforeningen så meget for mig, også selv om det er 100 år siden det skete. Genforeningen er et eksempel på, hvordan vilje og medborgerskab tilsat venlighed er en kraft der kan ændre en verdensorden. Forholdet mellem danske og tyske i grænselandet har ikke altid været godt, men der er en grundlæggende venlighed som gør, at de to kulturer nu lever i et forbilledligt fredeligt fælleskab med hinanden. Venligheden, viljen til fredelig sameksistens og respekt for demokratiske værdier gør forskellen.


Gå i venlighed

Endnu engang stort til lykke med eksamen. Jeg vil ønske alt godt for jer og jeres fremtid. For nu skal I videre. Tak for at have haft jer til låns. Nu tager I afsked med SG for at begive jer ud i verden og ud i et nyt livskapitel. Brug alt det I har lært, følg drømmen og gå i venlighed.

I will end with good words from Mother Teresa’s mouth:

“Kind words are short and easy to say, but their echoes are endless”.

Thus, I am graduating you as stx and hf students from Solrød Gymnasium in 2020.

Bjarne Thams